Presented by Shannon Gambill, LCSW, Mental Wellness Therapist
Discover The 3-Step Approach That Helps Moms Reduce Stress And 
Throw Away The “Mama Measuring Stick,” 
So They Can Ditch The "Perfect Mom" Dialogue, 
And Live A Revived Life
In this Masterclass, I’ll share: 
  • How our body can become dependent on stress hormones, how we unintentionally feed this process, and what moms can do to break this cycle
  • The counterintuitive approach that empowered many women to make emotional and mental leaps in confidence, freedom, and the relationship with their children
  • Think willpower alone will stop persistent anxious thoughts? Nope! Discover the common origin and how to stop it 
  • ​The detrimental thing that so many of us have been taught to do to decrease stress… but oftentimes actually makes it worse 
  • ​A simple technique moms can use to help them deal with stress in real time
  • ​How our “5-year-old self” often haunts our thoughts and directs our adult decisions and behavior… and what moms can do to interrupt this process
About your host
Shannon Gambill is a mental wellness therapist best known for specializing in difficult-to-treat cases for the past 22 years. She is an educator, coach, speaker, consultant, and researcher. 
After experimenting with various modalities, routines 
and tools to reduce anxiety, she incorporated an unconventional approach to help herself and her clients. As Gambill and her clients experienced success utilizing the measures from this approach, she soon referred to her own anxiety as her greatest teacher and a catalyst for helping others in new ways.
Gambill is passionate about walking the path with moms and children as they experience their strength in reducing anxiety and living a revived life.
This Is For Under-Pressure Moms Who Want To Discover How To Reduce Stress And 
Throw Away The “Mama Measuring Stick”
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